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With over 20 years in advertising, Mesmer Agency has extensive experience working on projects with extremely aggressive deadlines. With many of these projects projected to have millions of users, the focus is not only on quick, but also high quality.

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Our long time experience as a consultantcy gives us the ability to join project at any point and hit the ground running. If your team is booked, we can help get the work done without wasting any time, whether it's for a couple hours or weeks.

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Our clients know we're the people to call when a project has gone off track. Whether it's an underestimate of time, or a team that needs guidance, we can get up to speed immediately as team leaders or engineers to get the project back on course.

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When a project you've outsourced is a disaster and you're in hot water, you might think you need a miracle. We excel at client and internal disaster control while getting the application up and running fast, as well as helping prevent future disasters.

All you need is aMiracle


With over 25 years of experience in managing startups and companies, our leaders have both the tech and business skills to help a startup succeed. Our experience ranges from industry insights to branding, and brings a tech edge to help you leap above competitors.

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We started in hardware, programming, and design. We continued advancing our skills with UI/UX, DevOps, and project, team, and client management. We've run projects from start to finish - solo or with a team, and fully understand every step along the way.

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Our founders have been innovators since the web's infancy. Our passion for technology inspires us to learn, come up with new ideas, and help companies excel. Innovation is our passion, and is not only the setting of our client needs but the focus of much of our free time.

To infinity andBeyond


Whether it's a startup or fortune 500, our experience in leadership is extensive. We've helped large companies launch new ventures, led departments, and managed companies. Our problem solving and people skills are highly honed to make us great leaders.

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Mesmer Agency has specialized in the unique needs of startups, advertising, and business development for over 16 years. With direct work with agencies and companies like Razorfish, CP+B, 22Squared, HBO, AT&T, Mercedes AMG, and EA, our portfolio speaks for itself.

Our skills extend from business development and management skills, dev ops, marketing, design, and development expertise in both front and back end environments. We can help you create or re-structure a department or project, and have a keen eye for organization, efficiency, and quality talent. Mesmer Agency also excels in managing high stress projects that need to meet deadlines or get a project back on track.



We're actively adding our work here, and this is only a sample of our extensive portfolio. Please inquire if you're looking for a specific project or type of work.

  • GoT Viewers Guide
    Game of Thrones
    Led development efforts for HBO's Game of Thrones Viewers Guide
    full viewlive site
  • OGX Bad Ass Hair Day
    OGX Bad Ass Hair Day
    Sole developer on microsite for OGX Bad Ass Hair Day Instagram Contest
    full viewlive site
  • Purina Busy Bones
    Purina Busy Bones
    Sole developer on interactive parallax site for Purina's new Busy Bones
    full viewlive site
    Development freelancer on Blackberry's marketing and website complete revamp.
    full viewlive site
  • Mercedes AMG
    Mercedes AMG
    Developed several complex facebook application to feature AMG's line of vehicles
    full viewlive site
  • Nautica Gift List
    Nautica Gift List
    Developed a custom gift list facebook application for Nautica
    full view
  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Association
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Association
    Worked directly with CCBA during full lifecycle website and CMS redesign project
    full view
  • Softness Worth Sharing
    Softness Worth Sharing
    Managed a team of developers to create Kleenex's Softness Worth Sharing web app
    full view
  • AT&T Digital Life
    AT&T Digital Life
    Worked with a team of developers to develop AT&T's mobile Digital Life application
    full viewlive site
  • Bonfire Marketing
    Bonfire Marketing
    Engaged by a large hold company to found and lead start-up efforts for a concept marketing agency
    full viewlive site
  • Astillink
    Lead a small agile team of development and design on 90 day MVC recruiting website Astillink
    full viewlive site
  • Xerox Global Responsibility
    Xerox Global Responsibility
    Worked with a team of developers to create a new UI for Xerox's Global Responsibility Report
    full viewlive site
  • Carnival Cruises Cruise-a-nality
    Carnival Cruises Cruise-a-nality
    Worked directly with BBDO during project conception for promotional quiz Cruise-a-nality.
    full viewlive site
  • Domino's Bounty Hunters
    Domino's Bounty Hunters
    Sole developer on Domino's Pizza social game Pizza Holdouts Bounty Hunters
    full view
  • eLearning Innovation
    eLearning Innovation
    Redesign of eLearning Innovation Site within WordPress
    full viewlive site
  • CP+B Website Redesign
    CP+B Website Redesign
    Worked with CP+B to create a social, client focused redesign for their website
    full viewlive site
  • Barilla Color Your Summer
    Barilla Color Your Summer
    Sole developer for Facebook Application Color Your Summer
    full view
  • Force for Good Force for Good
    Worked with Delta to update their website with Force for Good Promotional Content
    full view


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Mesmer Agency is proudly located in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia USA.